February 26, 2024

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The Best Free VPN Software

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free vpn software | free vpn firestick | 100 free vpn | best free vpn for android 2021 | free vpn for dark web

free VPN software | free VPN firestick | 100 free VPN | best free VPN for android 2021 | free VPN for dark web

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Which Free VPN App Is Best For Android?

Here Is the best free VPN for Android. Hide.me is one of the most widely used free VPN software in the world and has more than 10 million users located around the world. It offers free VPN for dark web connectivity on different types of devices which is one of the reasons for its huge success.

The free VPN software company offers paid as well as free services, but this article will focus on the free service offering and what makes it the best free VPN for Android 2021. In general, the quality of hiding.me is among the best as it excels in terms of speed, security, and service.

For users of the free VPN software service, the company offers access to 5 servers and 10GB of maximum data usage per user.

Security Features

free vpn software | free vpn firestick | 100 free vpn | best free vpn for android 2021 | free vpn for dark web
free VPN software | free VPN firestick | 100 free VPN | best free VPN for android 2021 | free VPN for dark web


When it comes to security features, the free VPN software service is well above average since it has several essential security features that help to mask the IP address of the user and encrypt data packets very securely during free VPN Firestick streaming or other activities.

In terms of speed, the free version users get up to 72Mbps speed which makes it pretty much the best free VPN for Android 2021.

However, it is in the security aspect where Hide.me’s free VPN software truly excels, providing absolutely no data leaks and completely anonymous server activity logging through free VPN for the dark web.

Only one device is allowed to be connected at a time, which means that if you have multiple devices like a laptop or free VPN firestick then you would have to disconnect one to connect the other.

As far as data confidentiality of free VPN for dark web browsing is concerned, the free VPN software service is quite impressive and will be ideal for Android users as well as other system users like free VPN Firestick devices.

Even though an email address is required at the time of signing up for the service, the company deletes it from the system after a few hours. It is the best free VPN for Android 2021 zero-logging company.

The only data that the free VPN software company maintains is for maintenance and troubleshooting, and that too is stored temporarily. Even the usernames and IP addresses that the company provides to users are generated randomly and are not stored anywhere on the system.

Even for free VPN for dark web services. In terms of protocols, Hide.me uses some of the most well-known security protocols in the free VPN software industry. Thus, it uses IKEv2 and opens VPN source code as well as Wire Guard for firewall protection and SSTP for data security.

For free VPN for dark web encryption purposes, the app uses AES-256 protocols to ensure that data packets are not tampered with or obstructed while traveling along with the free VPN Firestick network. This ensures that your identity, as well as your data, are completely secure with this app.

For data protection, DNS leak blocking is used alongside the Kill Switch feature so that even in the case that connection to the VPN is lost momentarily, none of the free VPN firestick data being transported will move further.

Furthermore, SOCKS and split tunneling help to ensure that only relevant and high-risk data travels through the encrypted tunnel while the rest of the data flows outside of the free VPN for dark web tunnels. This helps to ensure security without compromising speed and efficiency.

Virus protection is also a critical security issue as it prevents the risk of intrusion which can be a persistent challenge for free VPNs for dark web providers. In that respect, the company uses the best anti-virus tools to remain the best free VPN for Android 2021 completely free of viruses and malware.

Privacy Features

Hide.me is required to undertake a third-party audit of its systems to assess the quality of its data privacy measures. Moreover, the company is headquartered in Malaysia, where companies offering VPN services are not required to maintain user activity logs.

This even gives legal protection to the company’s practice of not maintaining permanent user activity logs. In addition to that, the app does not use any trackers that could follow users and observe their activity on the server.

Speed performance

As far as the free VPN service is concerned, Hide.me offers speed levels that are comparable with those offered by other free VPN providers. It is, however, natural that if a user selects a server that is situated in a country farther away from their actual country. The speed performance would be slower compared to a server that is situated closer to the user.

Closely related to the speed performance is that of latency, also commonly referred to as ping performance. In this regard, Hide.me does not disappoint too much as it is close to the levels offered by other free VPN service providers.

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Streaming Content

Streaming is a popular activity and one of the main reasons why users opt for free VPN services in the first place. It helps to bypass blocked content and other government restrictions on browsing content online.

As far as streaming using a free VPN Firestick is concerned, Hide.me is one of the best free VPNs for Android 2023 providers but the options are limited with the free version. For example, the free version allows content-free VPN Firestick streaming from certain Netflix regions but not from others.

Moreover, what free VPN Firestick streaming platforms are allowed and what is not under the free version keeps on changing. If that is not something that bothers you and you are flexible in your choice of streaming content or free VPN for the dark web, then this is a good app for you.

How to download it?

The Hide.me app is easily downloadable on all Android devices as well as computers that use various operating systems. Below are the links that you can click on to download the app for your respective devices.

For iOS:

Download Free Hide.me VPN For iOS: Click Here

For Android:

Download Free Hideme VPN For Android: Click Here

For Windows:

Free Download Hide Me VPN For Windows: Click Here

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